Inside Scoop For Westminster

Hello Neighbor,

Paul Russo here. Westminster Colorado is a wonderful place to be whether you’re visiting or whether you live here! I’ve lived all over the Western United States – in Monterey, San Diego, Albuquerque, Tucson…and they all have wonderful things to recommend them. But in my opinion there’s no place like Westminster! That’s why I made up this site, to highlight the best (in my opinion!) places to go, things to do and businesses to frequent!

Now I live in the west side of Westminster, which is my favorite part of town. I’m near the Walnut Creek shopping center, the Westminster Promenade, the Westin Westminster Hotel and Westminster Recreation Center. This is an area filled with an array of fantastic businesses, AMC 24 Theatre, restaurants and entertainment that meets most every need! And I’ve gotten to know this area especially well. But whether you’re in Westminster or Broomfield CO or, or somewhere in between, there are lots of great places to go and things to do!

The first thing that jumped out at me when I moved to Westminster was how incredibly nice the businesses are. The Walnut Creek Shopping Center has nicely replaced some of the businesses that were lost when the Westminster Mall was torn down a few years ago. It has a Super Target, Panera Bread, Starbucks, BJs Brewery, Bonefish Grill, Hacienda Colorado and many more wonderful restaurants and shops that make the shopping center a one stop shop… especially my favorite store — Golf Galaxy where the staff are very friendly no matter what your skill level. They really take their time to share their passion about golf with every customer and fit equipment to each person’s skill set and goals.

That also means that you should expect best where ever you decide to spend your time! (And don’t settle!)

Each page of this site highlights what we think of as the very best of Westminster, Colorado! And listen!

You may disagree with me and if you do I totally get it! Maybe for your taste you might prefer BJs, while I might recommend Aspen Lodge Bar and Grill instead, and I get that! In fact I’m more than happy if you’d like to email me with your feedback!

(You might even get me to change my mind!)

Ok that’s it! I want you to enjoy the site and again make sure to let me know what you think the best of Westminster is!